Q. How do I become a member of TCCRA

A. The steps to become a member:

1.      Reserve a number by emailing the points officer at tccrapoints@gmail.com with your top 3 number requests.  Number requests for new members start on Jan 1 each year.  You can also pick a number during sign-ups at the race.

2.      Download a membership form, or get one during sign-ups at the race.

3.      If you download the form you can mail it along with a check for your membership fee to the points officer whose name and address are located at the bottom of the membership form. 

4.      If you pick up a form during sign-ups you will pay your membership fee and then turn in the membership form to the officers in the scoring trailer.

5.      Before the season starts you can mail it in, after the 1st race, it is best to turn it in at sign ups.

6.      Sign-ups are from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday and 7-8 a.m. on Sunday.

7.      You'll need to buy a transponder at sign-ups when you turn in your membership form and race entry.

8.      Read the rulebook - you are responsible for all members in your camp following the rules! NO PIT RACING! The speed limit is 10MPH if you are not on the track.

Q. How do I get the flyer for each race?

A. Fliers to each race are posted on the TCCRA homepage 1-2 weeks before each event. The schedule is posted on the homepage as well.        


Q. Can I practice on Saturday if I am not a TCCRA member?

A. You don't have to be a member to ride during practice. You can practice on Saturday until the red flag goes out. Peewees have scheduled practice times as listed in the rulebook.

However, as soon as you come through the gate you are responsible for following all the TCCRA rules. That includes no pit racing (10mph anywhere but the track), no big bikes on the peewee track (marked with striped ribbon), dogs always on a leash, quiet after 10pm, full gear when on the track, etc. The rulebook is on the website for download.          


Q. Am I required to purchase a transponder?

A. Riders in all classes are required to purchase a transponder. The transponder can be purchased at signups after you have joined the club.              


Q. Is the number written on my transponder related to my bike number?

A. No. Each transponder has a unique id that is stored in the computer. That id is what you may see written on your transponder. When you switch classes and/or bike numbers the information that links you to your bike number is updated in the computer. You don't have to make any changes to the transponder itself.             


Q. How do I reserve a number for the season?

A. During the season, contact the current points officer at tccrapoints@gmail.com. Between seasons, the following rules apply:

Between the rules meeting and Jan. 1 you can reserve your current number for the next year. After Jan. 1 you can reserve any non-top 10 number that is not already reserved, regardless of whether someone else had the number the prior year.

The points officer will need your full name, class, and requested number.  


Q. I want to change the class I ride in, what do I do?

A. To move laterally (i.e. from O30 amateur to 125 amateur) or "up" (i.e. from O45 amateur to O45 intermediate), contact the points officer. The points officer will need your full name, old and new classes, old number and requested number in the new class.

To move "down" (i.e. from Mini expert to Mini intermediate) you will need to submit a move-down request letter to the points officer, after you have enough races in your current class. See the rule book or talk to the points officer about the details.            


Q. What additional benefits do I get from joining TCCRA?

A. Many of the local bike shops give discounts, mostly around 10%. Just tell them you're a TCCRA member and show them your TCCRA membership card you got at signup. The shop that has the pre-season signups may have additional special deals. Also check out our TCCRA official dealers that are listed on the homepage of the website.  


Q. Why did I get bumped (a.k.a. why didn't that other person get bumped)?

A. Per the rules voted in by the membership and documented in the rulebook, bumps are based on lap times.       See the rulebook or talk to the points officer for more information.


Q. I had to leave without my trophy at the last race, is there any way to get it now?

A. That is up to the promoter of the race. The flyer you received has the contact information for the promoter. Some of them keep "extra" trophies and bring them to the next race, others don't. It is always a good idea to check the final results (before and after the protest period expires) before you leave the track.          


Q. What do I do if I'm camped next to a loud generator or a barking dog?

A. TCCRA has rules against excessive noise after 10pm. As with all TCCRA rules it is up to all members to speak up when they see (or hear) a rule violation. Most of the time people who are politely approached will reposition their generator. If you aren't comfortable talking directly to the people who are being loud, please find an officer and ask for their assistance. 


Q. Will my peewee rider be on the track with the big bikes?

A. There is a separate peewee track (marked with orange ribbon) for peewee bikes. Some parents will do ONE lap with a less-skilled peewee rider so there may occasionally be a big bike on the track. The rule is that they must go very slow, try to stay off the track as much as possible, and be obviously following a small peewee rider/bike. However, this should be a limited occurrence and abuses should be reported to a TCCRA official. Also, any observer can stop a big bike on the peewee track and make sure they are aware of and following the rules. See the rule book for peewee scheduled practice times.           


Q. How do I find out the answer to a question that's not on this page?

A. Check out the rest of the website. The rulebook, officer contact information, classes, etc. are posted. Or you can contact the Public Relations officer listed on the contact page.





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