Welcome to Texas Cross Country Racing Association (TCCRA). Established in 1972, TCCRA will be starting it's 42nd season in 2014.  
We have over 41 competition levels from Amateur to Pro including Peewee's.
TCCRA has open practice all day Saturday and from 7-8am on Sunday. Come join in the fun for all ages.
TCCRA Race News
                              Please join us at the Waxahachie Civic Center
December 13,2014

 to celebrate the 42nd season award winners!

Tickets are $25 each1-4, $20 each thereafter.
 Available by mail or in person.

1280 Plover Circle
Ponder, TX 76259

From Mark and Juli Vrzak, Donnell Reed
or Marty Ishmael at the first 2 Toro races.

Deadline is December 1, 2014

Doors open at 4:00
Member Voting 4:30-7:00
Dinner Served at 5:30
Awards Start at 7:00

Waxahachie Civic Center
2000 Civic Center Lane
Waxahachie, Texas 75165
(469) 309-4040

Directions to the Waxahachie Civic Center

  • From Dallas:  I35E South, Exit 287 Bypass South. Stay on 287 Service Road. Turn right on Sam George Drive. Turn right on John Arden. Veer left to Civic Center.
  • From Waco:  I35E North, Exit 287 South. Turn right into Civic Center.
  • From Ennis:  Take 287 North, Exit I35E, then take Exit for 287 South. Stay on 287 Service Road. Turn right on Sam George Drive. Turn right on John Arden. Veer left to Civic Center.
  • From Fort Worth:  Take 287 South. Take I35E exit, stay on 287 Service Road. Turn right on Sam George Drive. Turn right on John Arden. Veer left to Civic Center.
  TCCRA Smart Racer / College Scholarship

The purpose of the TCCRA Smart Racer Program is to promote education for its off-road racers. This program not only offers scholarship money to our collegiate racers but also incentives for our Pre-K through High School racers.

The scholarships and incentives offered through TCCRA have been made possible by the generosity of the motorcycle off-road community.

Winners will be based on GPA, TCCRA race involvement and Winners will be announced at the TCCRA banquet on December 13th, 2014.


1. Must be a 2014 TCCRA member
2. Fill out the application completely and legibly
3. Have a school official fill out the GPA section of the form
4. Mail completed application postmarked no later than December 1st, 2014 to:

TCCRA Smart Racer Program
252 Maple Circle
Nevada, TX 75173

    2015 Membership Form
    2015 Rule Book
Round Date Location Promoter Event Type
FLIER 4301 1-Mar Results
FLIER 4302 8-Mar Results
FLIER 4303 29-Mar Results
FLIER 4304 19-Apr Results
FLIER 4305 1-May Results
FLIER 4306 17-May Results
FLIER 4307 31-May Results
FLIER 4308 14-Jun Results
Summer Break 
FLIER 4309 30-Aug Results
FLIER 4310 13-Sep Results
FLIER 4311 27-Sep Results
FLIER 4312 11-Oct Results
Series within a series. Races 4202, 4204, 4206, 4208, 4210 & 4212 are shootout races.

All 6 races count, no drops, high score wins in all classes.

Year end awards 1st-3rd. If you are a racing member you are already signed up.
  Post Vintage bikes 1984 and older with drum brakes. We will have Expert and Intermediate classes. Amateurs run with the Intermediates. There is also a XX double decade class for 1994 and older bikes. Vintage classes run 2 laps with the Mini/Ladies program.

Race day awards 1st-3rd. Year end awards 1st-3rd. 5-6 race series, participants must run 3 of the vintage races to qualify for year- end awards.

Vintage racing to be held at 4203, 4206 & 4207. Races after the break will be scheduled as not to conflict with TVRC. Tentative races 4209, 4211 & 4212.
  3 Laps on the pee wee track at 3pm Saturday before the pee wee race. Open to beginner riders only.

If you are signed up and racing any other classes this year you do not qualify.

5 race series at 4203, 4205, 4209, 4211 & 4212.

Race day awards 1st-5th, year- end awards 1st-5th.

Participants must race 3 races to qualify for year- end awards.
  Share your stories of triumph, mud and all that is the sport of cross country racing with your fellow riders on the TCCRA Forum.
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2014 Rule Book
2014 Membership Form
2014 Fly Racing Contingency

Marty Ishmael Pres
Mark Vrzak VP
Chuck Adams Sec
  It pays to FLY in FLY RACING Gear!
FLY Racing is proud to support the TCCRA Racing Series for 2014. Fly Racing supports local racing through the FLY Racer Contingency Program and your local motorcycle dealer!
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